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Way Cool Shorts

Boy, has it been a busy week! Besides the Cargo Duffle Bag with Karen last weekend, I hardly got to touch my sewing. This past week was our last week of Kindergarten home school and next week is All-Sports Camp all the way on the other side of town, all five days. It will be a challenge to be up and in the car by 8am each morning so we can get there on time! (Don’t laugh!) I mean, one day a week we have a SUPER early morning, but the rest of the week, especially in the summer, is pretty chill so it may be a bit of a shock to our system. I’m sure he’ll have  fun and hopefully he will find a sport he might want to try during its season this year.

TDD Way Cool Shorts | JaimeSews

One thing I DID finish were these Way Cool Shorts by Tie Dye Diva!  (Affiliate) I started making my son shorts last year and posted here and here. This fabric is one he chose from F&M Fabrics (online as at that time and I managed to grab the rest of the bolt a few weeks back for this year!

TDD Way Cool Shorts | JaimeSews

These cargo shorts are quick to sew up since there are only the one set of pockets. And I LOVE the way the pockets are made! You sew the pleats down before attaching and then stitch all layers down at the bottom. That way, I’m hoping, they won’t turn into a big lump of wrinkled fabric on either side after washing and drying.

TDD Way Cool Shorts | JaimeSews

They are plenty long and plenty roomy, with a full elastic waist, guaranteed to last all summer, maybe longer! If you’re looking for a shorts pattern for your little one, I really recommend the Way Cool Shorts. The pattern comes in sizes 2 to 8 so you could make them year after year. Now if I can find some time to make (or buy!) him some shirts that fit. 🙂

Thanks for reading and be sure to stop by Friday for some BIG NEWS – can’t wait to tell you!


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