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FREE Baby Bib Set Pattern // The Rock-a-bye Bundle by Giggles & Beans

Happy Friday friends! I have an exciting post for you today – a FREE baby pattern bundle from another Pattern Workshop friend, Shelly Morgan of Giggles and Beans!! Keep on reading to get all the details and your FREE download!

Hi Everyone!  I can’t believe that it is finally done, but it is!  I am launching my first pattern and it is FREE!  Yes, FREE!  It is called the Rock-a-bye Bundle  and it is a beginner sewing pattern set that includes two different size bib patterns, a contoured burp cloth pattern, and a pattern for car seat strap covers.   I know that you can find free bib patterns/tutorials  all over the internet, but there are a few things that make this pattern special.  The first is that I have focused on how to sew this fabric using  soft and absorbent Cuddle Minky, although you can use any fabric.  The second and more exciting part is that the pattern is packaged just like a REAL pattern that you would pay for.

FREE Rock-a-Bye Pattern Bundle | JaimeSews

All the details are there: easy to understand illustrations, in depth instructions, fabric requirements, all in an easy to download PDF.    This is all thanks to Lauren Dahl over at Pattern Workshop for giving me the tools that I needed to accomplish the many creations that had been forming in my head.   I had a great time putting this together and learned so much in the process.  I can’t wait to show you my next pattern that I am working on.  But while you wait go on over and check out my new website for my newly formed pattern company So Tweet Patterns!

FREE Rock-a-bye Pattern Bundle | JaimeSews

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Something For Elise

When I found out we were having a girl, one of the most frequent comments I got from people who know that I sew was something like, “She’s going to have the cutest handmade clothes – you’re going to have so much fun sewing for a girl!” (No pressure! lol) Well, as I started at looking at all the things that could be made, I was a bit paralyzed by the idea of me putting so much work into something for a newborn that would grow out of said clothes in a few months (if I was lucky). One thing I did know we needed, however, were some girly blankets & burp cloths. I’ve had this left over cotton print from some bibs I sold on Etsy and this baby pink knit I had originally intended for a garment, but every time I’d pull it out to sew on, it just didn’t seem right.

I wasn’t sure the color was for me, but as I searched my stash for girl blanket-appropriate fabrics, I realized that it might have just found it’s perfect purpose. There was a lot of it so I cut a generous square, basically taking the width of it and folding it on the diagonal to make a rough square. I took it to my cutting board and squared it up. Then I used one of my kitchen bowls to round the corners.

I then set out to make as much bias tape as I could out of the scrap cotton print. I know there are more efficient ways of making bias tape (drawing lines, offsetting the seams and sewing to make one continuous line of bias, etc) but I just went old school and started cutting strips on a 45 degree angle.

Pretty soon I had a good little stack of 2″ wide bias strips.

I sewed all the strips together, trimmed and pressed the seams all in the same direction. Then I grabbed my handy, dandy bias tape foot for my Husqavarna Viking Machine – no pressing of the bias required! Just insert strip, place fabric edge down the center and sew:

I’d like to say it was that easy, but after going around, there were places I had to go back, take out and restitch. Most of the oops’ had to do with uneven feeding of the bias strips through the foot channels, but after a few fixes, I ended up with this.

After making a rather large blanket, I still had quite a bit of knit left over and plenty of bias. I cut a double layer of the knit (I wanted it to be thick enough to prevent all the baby lovelies from soaking through) modeled after one of my son’s old burp cloths. Instead of using the bias foot, I simply folded the bias tape in half, wrong sides together, and used my walking foot to sew 1/4″ from the edge. After pressing and folding the tape over, I turned the burp cloth over and sewed the cotton strip down. Here’s a look at the one I made next to it’s inspiration:

And the burp cloth by itself:

If you can believe it, there is still plenty of knit to make a few more burp cloths or even 2 small receiving blankets! There’s not as much bias left, however, so I’m thinking if I can get one more receiving blanket from the batch, I’ll feel good enough saying, “adios” to the remaining pink knit forever. It’s taken up room in my stash for far too long and has now certainly come in handy! 🙂