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Seafarer Top

Have you ever organized something, like say, your PDF pattern collection, only to find out you have, oh i don’t know, maybe, well over 100.  Then suffering from shock, and a little embarrassment, you decide you must sew something right away to justify the awesome collection you have sitting there just waiting to be sewn before you ever, in a very long time, buy another one?

Well, suppose something like that happened last week and then suppose the Seafarer Top was one of those patterns…Then suppose your photographer is a 6 year old boy…you might just end up with something like this.

Seafarer Top | JaimeSews

The Seafarer Top is super quick to make and easy to wear. The high neckline makes it practical, but the dolmen sleeve takes it a notch up from your regular t-shirt.  That picture above was straight on, but with a 6 year old photographer, you might also get some pictures with your head cut off…Seafarer Top | JaimeSews

Or that make it look as though you’re looking down on the world…Seafarer Top | JaimeSews

At any rate, I didn’t do either of the band options or the pocket, so there is more variety available with this pattern that would be fun to experiment with in different fabrics.  I love my new Seafarer Top and hope to sew A LOT MORE from my PDF Pattern stash in the near future. A trip to F&M Fabrics is in order, I think, since most of my hoarded fabric is quilting cottons.

So fess up – how many PDF patterns do you have? Paper patterns more your thing?