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Nursing Tanks

Even if you don’t sew or plan on nursing a baby any time soon…read on! I promise it’s worth it!

With only 4 weeks to go, my focus has switched from maternity wear to after-delivery essentials. So I went online to search for some easy (EASY) nursing tanks and found this lovely option at the I Make Stuff blog.

Is that not adorable?!  Please read Alida’s post to get all the details, but this top can either be purchased in her Etsy store, made for nursing, or simply made to wear for anyone! And while it may look intricate and difficult, the ruffles are actually a fabric (you can purchase here) attached to a RTW tank top!

What I like most about it is the treatment to the tank top underneath.

Again, click the picture to read her whole post with a tutorial

I almost always layer a tank top/camisol under my shirts so I purchased a few at Walmart for a couple bucks each to give this a try. While I’d love to make the ruffled version some day, I think I’ll start with a few basic tanks just to wear under my regular shirts.

What I like about this style of nursing shirt is, when worn underneath another shirt, you can nurse but still have your mid-section covered. And what new mom doesn’t want to keep that area covered?!

So a big thanks to Alida for posting this and please be sure to go give her blog and etsy store some love!

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Spring Weddings Maternity Dress

6001We were so excited to find out my Cousin Jason and my husband’s long-time friend Jason (not the same person, despite the sharing of names) were getting married this last May and June, respectively. Both wedding colors were orange and blue and my husband was a groomsman in one of them, so I wanted to make a comfortable dress that coordinated, but didn’t make me look like of of the bridesmaids either! I found a summery knit print on (LOVE them!) and got it just in time to make my dress.

I chose a New Look pattern, 6001, which isn’t a maternity pattern, but lent itself very easily to what I needed. The only alteration I made was to add 1″ (to make 2″) on the center fold of the skirt, I probably didn’t need it but it didn’t hurt either! I also made a slip for underneath since the knit was very thin. Here are some pics of the dress in action.

(Right to left) My sister, Mom and Me!
Hubby and me

So Congrats to Jason & Eleanor and Jason & Jovina! Thanks for the opportunity to make and sport a new dress!

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4XL Shirt to Fabulous Maternity Shirt

Yay! Another post! Those of you who follow me on Facebook saw a sneak preview of this project there a few weeks back. I don’t have any better pictures for you, but wanted to show you how easy it was to go from this to that:

I have to say that my inspiration for taking on such a project came from many directions. I had been refashioning t-shirts before I was pregnant, making them more girl-friendly, etc. Then I found and was inspired by all the ways clothing could be altered for maternity. I purchased a dress pattern before I was pregnant, Vogue 8553 and always thought it was very cute:

The largest size my pattern comes in is a 12 and I needed a little bit more room than that for *ahem* things…so I added some room in the bust area. The style of the pattern was conducive to such alterations due to the loose, gathered fit, shaped by the neckline yoke. One thing i did, which I notated on the pattern for next time, is that though it was smart to add room in the bust, I will not need to alter the neckline yoke. I ended up adding a bit to those pattern pieces too just to be safe but it resulted in a slightly wider neckline than I desired. NOT AT ALL a big deal, just something to note for next time. 🙂

I cut my pieces as frugally as possible from my 4XL shirt, trying to preserve as much of the bottom of the shirt for belly coverage, put it together and tried it on. Perfect! I cut the bottom from as much of the t-shirt pattern in Burda 7825 as possible and attached it to the top portion. I sewed down that seam about 3/8″ from the stitching line to make a casing, inserted some 1/4″elastic and VOILA! A $5 maternity shirt (the shirts were only $2.50, but I ran out of fabric to finish the neckline yoke and had to go back and buy another).

Since the success of this piece, I have also made a purple tank using the Sorbetto pattern from Colette Patterns as my base. Basically, I cut the pieces from the armpit up, incorporating the center fold and then just left the t-shirt bottom uncut. I also used two $2.50 t-shirts for this pattern, so from the second shirt I cut a band for the bottom, stretched it to fit the blousey top and added some tuxedo ruffles on either side of the center fold. It’s a little sack-like, but very comfortable with only 6 weeks left to go.

It’s been so fun to transform these shirts and gain some maternity wear for $5 a piece! I’ll show you one more maternity dress I made for some weddings this spring and then I can’t wait to show you some nursing tank tutorials I’ve found – you won’t believe how simple and practical they are!

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Oh, I have a blog?

A long overdue Hello to my fellow bloggers! My! Has it been a long time since I blogged!! There is so much going on, it is unreal, but I’m finally at a point where I can get a post in. How have you been, friends?!

May is always a busy month for us because, besides Mother’s Day, it is my mother in law and husband’s birthday month, so at least 3 weekends of the month, we’re doing something! I have continued with my maternity jeans independent contract, which has turned out to be as perfect a gig as I anticipated. Alycia of Eeny Meeny Maternity is wonderful to work with and I’m getting the jeans transformation down to a science.

Also, being as it is Bridal Season, I’ve altered a few Bridesmaids dresses, one of the most involved of which was for a 8 1/2 months pregnant daughter of my office manager. The wedding was Saturday and I’m dying to know tomorrow if she got to wear the dress, or had the baby instead! (sheesh! I tried to tell her at the beginning of all this to say, “No”!) lol.

Our garden is growing big, but we’ve not had much to harvest yet. The few strawberries that came in got eaten by some birds (!) but I did manage to get 1 1/2 off. Here’s how it’s looking now, as DS helps DH water it. The corn today is almost to our shoulders when we stand next to it! (This pic was taken last week)

Also, since it was a long weekend, we were able to get away to see my father in law who lives in Hermosa Beach, 1/2 a block from the beach! It was wonderful there! And we really enjoyed our time relaxing.
So that’s our story! Today I’ve sewn some curtains for a co-worker (any tips on pricing them!?) and received an email about a possible drop-ship wholesale opportunity. Have any of you done that before? I’d love your input! Other than that, I’m trying to figure out if I should try to get some more sewing done before DS wakes up, clean the house, or start planning DH’s 30th birthday party for next weekend!! We’ll see by the end of the day what, if any of that, gets done! 🙂