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SSS Day 30

So I made it! Through 30 days of mostly self-stitched clothing!! I can hardly believe it. As with all our clothing, I definitely found I gravitated toward some items more than others and didn’t even wear one dress. So that dress will find a new home and that’s okay. Here I had my chance to wear it and I still avoided it so that means it’s just not for me.

I mean to tell you, missing that first day of the week from work has really done me in and I’ve found myself floundering at getting things done as quickly as usual! Needless to say it was a rough day, so to save you my tired countenance and messy hair, I’m headless today. Wearing my pink gauze simplicity top and my cropped brown Alice & Olivia pants. Comfy but still dressy enough for an important meeting we had today at work.

If you’d like to see all the SSS outfits I wore, you can take a quick glance at my flickr set. What do you think? Did you have a favorite outfit or piece of clothing from over the last month?

Now that October is here, I am switching gears. I was able yesterday to cut out part of my son’s Halloween costume and a pair of pajamas (see pj’s below).

firetruck sleeves and pants with red shirt body
Simplicity 5874 & print up close – He picked the fabric himself. ūüôā

Since the main shirt for the costume comes in 4 sizes and the one I’m cutting is right in the middle of that, I avoided cutting it today so that I can see if I have enough Pattern Trace to preserve the pattern. It’s such a basic shirt pattern that I’m sure I could use it again for a regular shirt or another costume.

Also, I will now be able to focus better on the Lady Grey sew-a-long. I am not far behind and I think I could catch up easily, I just need some sewing time. When I first joined the sew-a-long, I thought, “Why are we making a muslin. It’s a princess seamed coat – should be easy to fit!” but I’ve been amazed at the fitting issues most of the other participants have faced in their muslins. If you want to follow along, even if you are not a participant, check out the flickr group. I really hope I don’t have much to fix, but everyone seems to be very helpful so I know I’ll have good help if I need it. I’ll be sure to show my progress, but I can guarantee it won’t be every day. ūüôā I have enjoyed the push to blog more frequently and they say doing something 28 times (is that the number?) makes a habit, so maybe we have a habit going on. I guess time will tell…

Thanks to those of you who kept up with Self-Stitched September! See you soon!!

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SSS Day 29

Not much to say today – it was super busy and tomorrow promises the same! So I’ll just tell you what I wore:

  • Sunny Day Sadie
  • Alice & Olivia Linen Blend pants (can you tell this was the end of the day when they’re all wrinkly? lol)

Even though I made the shirt long on purpose, I felt like there was just too much expanse between the cowl and the shirt hem so I added the turquoise bead necklace. All in all there was a lot hanging from my neck but it accomplished what I wanted – breaking up the plain. Tomorrow is the last day!! Whatever shall I blog about after that!? haha

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SSS Day 28

Well, I am spoiled. After a 4 day weekend, I come back to work for an hour and then off to MOPS! So fun! If you are a mommy of preschoolers and are not in a MOPS groups Рfind one! They are an absolute lifesaver and a great (kid-free) time with wonderful mom friends. Here I am with my Table Mom Kara in my self-stitched brown knit cami, self-stitched satiny floral dress and rtw sweater from forever ago.

She has two little boys – isn’t she cute!? Last year I was a Table Group Leader and she was at my table and so it’s fun this year that the “tables” have turned (haha)!¬†

Only 2 more Self-Stitched days to go! I can’t wait to have a larger wardrobe to choose from. It’s not so much the quantity of clothing items because I feel like I’ve been able to mix it up a bit (though I could use a few more tops), but I’m missing certain items that I realize have become staples of my wardrobe. Also, not everything I made was weather-appropriate. It’s been a lot warmer than I expected. Day before yesterday was over 100 degrees! So something that is usually a staple, like the denim button up, has just too much fabric around the neck to be practical in such heat. When you have your full wardrobe available to you, you can easily adjust for that. Anyway, thanks for reading and see you tomorrow!

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SSS Days 24, 25 & 26 I’m tired! I’m just sitting down to write this after 4 days at Shaver Lake, unpacking, putting the house somewhat back together since the new floors were laid, bath for lil T and some laundry. But alas, I am way behind in reporting my SSS progress! So here’s the update.

Day 24 was our driving day. When I arrived at my mom’s to pack everything up, I was greeted by my sister and mom – both wearing brown. I guess we’re related! Here we are at the Black Bear Diner in Tulare (but there are locations all over – you should check them out!) I’m wearing a self stitched brown knit camisole, my self-stitched Anita Jeans and an Old Navy tank underneath.

Sister, Bear, Mom, Me

The next day was boat day and I could hardly wait to wear my newly stitched Hot Patterns Swimsuit Cover Up, over which I have my self-stitched “Roxy” swimsuit (which I would link to at my burdastyle page if the site wasn’t down at the time of this writing, so you’ll just have to believe me).


We fished (but caught nothing!!!!), went intertubing (but the boat was a little slow) and overall just had some fun.

Day 26 was a lazy day with no real plans, but then again when you have a 2 1/2 year old, you can’t just be lazy, now can you? So we spent the morning down at the lake letting him throw rocks in the water, build sand castles, otherwise fill up his bucket with mud, etc. Hubby tried one last ditch effort at fishing, but still…no fish. Speaking of lazy, I was only half self stitched that day – my One Piece Kimono Top and RTW shorts from a couple years ago.

Poor dude in the lifejacket - could hardly move, but never complained! lol

Now here’s where I fail you completely. If you notice, there’s no “27” in the title of this post. This was “drive home” day and while I started out the day in my SS modified Lydia (seen in previous posts), and rtw jeans (it was actually chilly when we left Shaver that morning), it was 102 when we got back to town! 1.0.2. Unbelievable! So I changed after unpacking the car because, well, it wasn’t pretty. And consequently I do not have a picture. So day 27 will go down in Self-Stitched September History as a half self stitched outfit, worn for half of the day, of which we have no picture. haha.

So to make it up to you, I’m going to share with you this picture of my Self-Stitched Junior Homecoming dress found yesterday while cleaning – a satin & chiffon empire a-line little number. Look how young I look!!! AH!

Jr. Homecoming, baby!

So I hope your weekend was super too. I’m back to work today – a routine I welcome after such a crazy weekend. See you tomorrow!

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SSS Day 23

It’s a pants type of week I guess. I started to wear a skirt yesterday, but it just wasn’t feeling it. haha. So here’s the A&O linen blend pants again, a black camisole I refashioned from a $2 t-shirt and a store-bought cropped sweater.

SSS Day 23

I had a question on my flickr postings of my Lady Grey muslin yesterday and I thought I’d share. Someone asked what the white material was on top of my fabric.

Marking for 1" seams and cutting on the chalk line...

That is Pattern Tracing Cloth I got at Hancock’s Fabrics (click the image below for a direct link). It is a really lightweight, non-woven, interfacing-type material that is perfect for tracing your patterns. It won’t tear and has a 1″ dot grid that helps you line up grain lines, etc. It’s pretty inexpensive ($1.79/yd) so my only complaint is that it’s only 37″ wide, which actually wasn’t that bad when it came down to it. I can fold it up in a pattern envelope and it doesn’t crease like paper and it’s not bulky. Pellon has a TrueGrid¬†very similar to it. It’s 45″ wide and Hancock’s has it for $2.99/yd.

Click image to see it on the Hancock's website

Do those of you who trace your patterns¬†have a favorite paper/material you use for such purposes? I’d love to know all the methods out there!! I dont’ always trace my patterns, but when I do, I end up doing something different based on if I want to leave my house or not. haha. I was not able to work on my muslin as planned yesterday.¬†I had an emergency (ok, not quite that dramatic) shopping trip I had to take on my lunch hour. And really, when it’s between shopping and sewing, who can choose?! ūüôā

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SSS Day 22

Well, after all that talk about me in the last two posts, I thought it’d be fun to talk about someone else. Meet my friend Wanda:
My friend Wanda - Isn't she stylish?!


In the fall, our Bible study starts back up again at 6:15 am at a local restaurant. About 40 ladies of all ages attend and it’s something I look forward to & cherish…and consequently MISS when we break for the summer! Wanda is one of the attendees, but I also get to know Wanda a little more because she comes every Friday to stuff the church bulletin with all the paper announcements. Here are my favorite things about Wanda:¬†

  • She has a weakness for chocolate (who doesn’t!)
  • She cannot resist a Kohl’s sale and is always telling me about her super finds (See her adorable jacket?! I’m sure she got it at Kohl’s!)
  • Wanda and her husband were missionaries (so she has GREAT stories) and she used to sew all her family’s clothing, or have it made by local tailors wherever she was living (which is also fun to hear about!).


Don’t you just love her!?¬†

My SSS outfit today is all repeats РA&O Cropped brown pants, Sunny Day Sadie cowl top, and my denim button up. 

I got some work done on my Lady Grey muslin. Gertie recommended this method of muslin preparation¬†but then someone commented below on a variation of that that seemed to fit my available time better. So I copied the pattern onto pattern “stuff” (not really paper) and laid it out on my fabric. I used my seam guage and chalk wheel to mark out 3/8″ beyond the pattern so that I could have 1″ seam allowances for letting out if needbe. Then I cut on the chalk line:¬†

Marking for 1" seams and cutting on the chalk line...

Then I used a contrasting thread (white) to sew the stitching line 1″ in.¬†

Original Stiching Lines in White

Tomorrow I hope to use a different color contrasting thread to sew it up and then I’ll be caught up…almost. ūüėȬ†

On the home front, the finishing of the floors is in sight! I’m SOoooo glad I got to finish my Hot Patterns Swimsuit coverup Monday (even though I did a sort of slap-together job on it. Pics will appear in later SSS posts) because the hallway bookshelf and contents of the hall closet floor have taken up residency in my sewing room to the extent that I cannot step into it! If all goes as planned, my super-duper brother-in-law will be able to finish it up before the weekend and I’ll have my couch, bedroom and sewing room back –¬†all of which are important for any weekend!

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SSS Day 21 & More!

So here we go – 5 more things you may not know about me…

6. I enjoy target shooting – Yes, I remember plinking away at¬†paper targets¬†with my dad from the time I was about 10 years old. He let me shoot “my gun”,¬†a little .22 revolver and I loved it. I didn’t do much shooting for a while in highschool & college, but when I met my husband, he re-introduced it to me and we’ll go target shooting sometimes as a part of our “date night” just for fun – as something to do together.

7. I would like to try farming – In a very small sense. By that I mean, I’d love to have some land to stretch out upon, expand my garden and get some chickens and other animals¬†and be as self-reliant as possible. Now, I’m a city girl and I always have been, but I’ve been influenced by living in¬†the central valley of California¬†where agriculture is a main industry. In light of my city-ness, I make sure and emphasize “try” because if I actually got the chance to really do it, I recognize that I may not like it as much as I’ve romanticized it to be in my head! (Have I mentioned I don’t like bugs all that much?! lol). I don’t know how to¬†do a lot but I’d like to try to learn a bit. ¬†


8. I love to go roller skating and I’m pretty good at it!¬†– Growing up, my friend and I would spend a lot of time at the roller rink and when I wasn’t there, I was skating back and forth between my house and my grandparent’s house 4 houses down the street. A year or two ago, my MOPS (Mother of PreschoolerS) group did a girls night out at the roller rink and I surprised them all with my mad skating skills. hahaha. I’m just not very good backwards yet…

9. My Starbucks addiction has been replaced with Folgers coffee and Coffeemate’s Creme Brule Creamer – Seriously – I don’t want anything else. If they ever discontinue this creamer, I AM IN TROUBLE! (Maybe I should consider stockpiling? hahaha) And yes, Folgers. I know it may seem sacrilegious to you Starbucks diehards out there, but I can brew a strong cup of Folgers and it doesn’t hurt my tummy! If I buy a cup of Starbucks from their stores, I’m okay, but I could never seem to brew it at home to my liking.


10. I drink most everything from a straw – Okay, I’m really grasping for this last one, but #9 reminded me of it. Even my coffee, hot coffee, I drink with a straw. About the only thing I dont’ drink from a straw is water. It all stems from my cousin, when I was little, had braces and didn’t take very good care of her teeth while wearing them. When she got them off, her teeth were stained and it must have had quite an impact on me because when I got my braces, I started drinking everything through a straw and by the time I got them off, 3 1/2 years later it was a habit!

So there you have it!¬†And now it’s my turn to nominate 5 others for the Beautiful Blogger Award!

Now…on to Self Stitched September Day 21. I must admit, my resolve is wearing down, especially with our house in disarray while the beautiful new floor is being installed. To get to my closet, I have to shimmy around to the side of my t.v. armoire, shut my bedroom door, and then shimmy behind it! lol. So today, this is what I managed to grab: my ss Anita Jeans, my ss black knit cardigan and two layered tank tops from Old Navy.

SSS Day 21

Have a great day & see you tomorrow!

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SSS Day 20 & more!

I¬†was so thrilled to find out a few days ago that one of my favorite new blogs to follow, Sewaholic, was nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award and, the icing on the cake –¬†Tasia chose me as one of her 5 nominations! How incredible is that!?¬†¬†¬†¬†


So part of the gig is that you must post 10 things people might not know about you. For the sake of post-length, I will break it up into two sessions. So here goes with the first 5…¬†¬†

1. I was a skateboarder in Jr. High/Early High School – Yes, in between 7th & 8th grade, our family moved from the central valley of California a wee bit south and east to a small mountain community just north of Los Angeles. Here I was nervous because in my head, rural mountain community = cowboys. I was not excited about that. Come to find out, the first few people I met were some guys on skateboards! They convinced me to buy a skateboard and try to learn and before I even walked in the door to my new Jr. High school, I was known by some as “the girl with the airwalks.”

They were probably something like this…


2. I was in Advance Placement English Classes all through High School – You wouldn’t know it by my lazy writing style now, but at the end of my 8th grade year I was begging my English teacher to refer me to the AP classes. She laughed (who can blame her, right? Could I have been any more nerdy?! lol) and said of course. And I loved it. I love writing papers – you know the ones where you gather sources and quote and cite them and tie it all together…intro paragraph, make points, concluding paragraph! Beautiful! I would rather write 10 papers than take a multiple choice test.¬† Our senior year, we have a 10 page paper due every 2 weeks and one 20 page paper due each semester. It was grueling, but in a good way – I really enjoyed it. (Look at that awful paragraph! What has blogging/social networking done to our punctuation and proper english? haha)¬†¬†

3. I also took 3 1/2 years of French in High School…but can’t speak it! – Oui, oui! Pourquoi, in California, I chose French over Spanish, I can’t really say except that I wanted to! However,¬†I venture to say that if I had taken Spanish, I¬†would probably still be able to speak it to this day as I would have used it more often (Don’t meet many French people here!). BUT, then I wouldn’t have participated in some traveling, which leads to my next point…¬†¬†

4. I’ve been to more countries than states – Starting in my teenage years, I’ve traveled to Italy, Switzerland, France, England (twice), The Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, & Israel. Some of this I did as a part of my French Class (not that it was included as part of the class, but the teacher who taught French offered the opportunity for travel) and some was done in college. As far as states, I’ve only been to Washington State, through Oregon in the middle of the night so it doesn’t count, Nevada, and through Utah (doesn’t count! lol)¬†on the way to Colorado. I’ve been to 4 corners, but that hardly qualifies as visiting¬†Arizona and New Mexico and to the Newark airport on my way to the aforementioned countries. I would love to see all of the states, specifically Idaho and I’ve always wanted to see Texas. In fact, for our 10 year anniversary, instead of going somewhere exotic, I want to do a road trip! We’ll see what actually gets planned…lol.¬†¬†¬†¬†


5. I started teaching myself to sew as a teenager – I had always been crafty, but got a bug the summer between my sophomore and junior year to learn to sew. I started making shift dresses from quilting cotton – they were a mess! This was before my pear-shape awareness so they were loose up top and tight through the hips and I don’t know why, but that didn’t deter me. I made the homecoming court my junior year and decided to make my dress – a royal blue satin empire waist a-line with chiffon sleeves. The fit was still a little funky, but it was wearable. I loved that I had made it but was also secretly very self-conscious about it. One of the insights I’ve gained through SSS is that I’m passed my awkward sewing stage.¬†It’s¬†given me a lot more¬†confidence in my current sewing skill set!

Speaking of Self-Stitched September, here is yesterday’s outfit – with something you haven’t seen yet! My Bird Jacket. My bird jacket is a result of a recent obsession with yellow & gray. People either love it or think it’s bizarre, but that’s okay. I like it. lol.¬†¬†


I really love the style (Simplicity 3538) and should probably make it again in a less flashy fabric, but as it is, I just wear it on my more confident days and have fun with it! We needed some sunshiney yellow today anyway Рlook at this big menacing cloud rolling in!  

Isn't It Beautiful?!

The clouds only lasted for the morning, but still…¬†On my lunch, I was able to make GOOD progress on my swimsuit cover up. I’m worried it might be too big, but it does have a tie waist just under the bustline so I think it’s supposed to be loose and comfy otherwise. I just need to get the facing in and hem the bottom and sleeves. Then I’m hoping to get some stitches in on my Lady Grey muslin! You should see what progress the other sew-a-longers are making – check out the flickr group!See you tomorrow with the other 5 things you might not know about me and my 21st Self stitched outfit!¬†

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SSS Day 19

Yesterday was a busy day again! AH! We taught Sunday School in the morning and after dropping little T off at Grandma’s house, I ran home to be the runner for the boys laying new floors. I went to Home Depot, to Lowe’s, to Rite Aid and to Sam’s Club! Then took a nap – so not fair to the boys, but hey – I was tired! So for comfort’s sake, I wore RTW Jeans (My Anitas needed a wash!) and this shirt based off of Lydia from Burdastyle. I lengthened it, shortened the sleeves, added the rib knit to the sleeves and bottom and adjusted the neckline.


I did absolutely NO sewing. Which is okay. I’ll just bring my machine and such to work with me this week and try to finish my swimsuit cover up and maybe, if I’m lucky, start on sewing up my Lady Grey Muslin. What are you working on?

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SSS Day 18

BUSY busy busy day yesterday. After being at church from 7:30 am to 4:15, getting dinner home, taking my 2 1/2 year old around town to keep him out of dad’s way (who is laying beautiful floors for us), I was pooped…hence this short post. I had on my Anita Jeans and my One Piece Kimono Tee, both from

Before the chaos...

Hoping for a more quality post tomorrow…see you then!