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New Bibs for Sale!

I made a camouflage bib for the Etsymom Giveaway and it got me on a roll! Here are two I’ve listed in my Etsy shop – Click on the picture to view listing! And I’m sure there are more to come! 🙂

4 thoughts on “New Bibs for Sale!

  1. Those are so cute and a great size! I know because our house has gone through about every type known to man! 😀

  2. Love the bibs. I really like the pocket, and the fact that you can just wipe it clean.

  3. Very nice! I love the pink & green flowers one. Too bad I have a little boy. 🙂

  4. I could have sworn I commented here….I love the tree skirt! I need to get a tree skirt! I am so excited to get to go buy all new Xmas decorations this year!From your comment on my blog….lol on the evergreen….we have tons of evergreens here b/c our land used to be part of a christmas tree farm YEARS ago so they are ALL over the area. My hubby had to cut down over 100 trees for us to get that backyard!!!

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