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SSS Day 9

Yesterday Fall broke into our 100+ degree weather and showed up with clouds and cool temperatures. Now, in California, we call it “Fall” whenever we break into the 80’s. It may be strange to some of you in much colder climates, but we enjoy it. Many times we’re worried at Halloween whether we’ll be cool enough (as opposed to warm enough) as it sometimes takes until after Thanksgiving to get truly cold. Well, I had received my mini-tripod in the mail the day before and was anxious to take my pictures in a different location. Then, when I walked out my back door into the coolness & clouds this morning to throw my coffee grounds around in the garden, I thought it’d be the perfect place. Here I am:

Checking the Tomato Plant
Striking a Pose by the broccoli
Back pocket detail & carriers

& here’s what I wore:
Alice & Olivia pants (V2907) cut to capris in chocolate brown bottom-weight

Striped 1 Piece Kimono Tee (Free pattern at Burdastyle!)

It was all super comfy to wear and even got complements from my co-worker! On my lunch hour, I traced the Anita jeans and made alterations to the pattern to make them more of a bootcut. I followed Juebejue’s tutorial exactly, except for adjusting the rise. I wanted to wait until the “tissue fitting” to verify that it was a necessary step for me. I would be thrilled if they turned out as well as her final product did!! We shall see…If they do, I may attempt the skinny jean style originally intended in the Anita Pattern.

2 thoughts on “SSS Day 9

  1. Cute! Here, for Halloween, kids costumes are worn over your winter coat. Good for being a ghost or a pumpkin, bad for being just about anything else 😉

  2. ahhh! good luck! :D:D i cannot wait to see the end result! 😀

    it rained the the bay area last tuesday! that was REALLY weird for california weather!

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