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Swimsuit Sew-Along: The Pattern

Welcome to the Swimsuit Sewalong! If you’re just joining us, be sure to go back and read the Announcement Post, the sewing machine post, and get ready & excited to make your own swimsuit!

Now to the FUN part! Choosing your pattern. There are several different pattern companies creating many different styles of swimsuit patterns in a few different formats. First up, the traditional paper patterns you’re probably most familiar with. Here are a few links I found:

There are also a lot of pattern companies that offer instant digital downloads. In this case, you purchase the pattern and are sent a .pdf file (requires adobe reader). You print the file (according to their instructions – usually there is a 1″x1″ square or some other means to measure after printing to make sure your pattern printed in the correct scale) and tape the pages together where indicated. Voila! You have your pattern and instructions without leaving your home!

I’m sure there are more, but please take the weekend to look around and find one just your style. This is your chance to get exactly what you want! When we come back on Monday, I will talk about how to read your pattern so that we can make a list of supplies to gather. If you have ANY questions, please comment below. I’m here to help in any way I can! And if you find a great style, please share that too! Can’t wait to see what pattern you choose!

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  1. This is the suit Claire and I have chosen
    I hope that worked… 🙂

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