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SSS Days 24, 25 & 26 I’m tired! I’m just sitting down to write this after 4 days at Shaver Lake, unpacking, putting the house somewhat back together since the new floors were laid, bath for lil T and some laundry. But alas, I am way behind in reporting my SSS progress! So here’s the update.

Day 24 was our driving day. When I arrived at my mom’s to pack everything up, I was greeted by my sister and mom – both wearing brown. I guess we’re related! Here we are at the Black Bear Diner in Tulare (but there are locations all over – you should check them out!) I’m wearing a self stitched brown knit camisole, my self-stitched Anita Jeans and an Old Navy tank underneath.

Sister, Bear, Mom, Me

The next day was boat day and I could hardly wait to wear my newly stitched Hot Patterns Swimsuit Cover Up, over which I have my self-stitched “Roxy” swimsuit (which I would link to at my burdastyle page if the site wasn’t down at the time of this writing, so you’ll just have to believe me).


We fished (but caught nothing!!!!), went intertubing (but the boat was a little slow) and overall just had some fun.

Day 26 was a lazy day with no real plans, but then again when you have a 2 1/2 year old, you can’t just be lazy, now can you? So we spent the morning down at the lake letting him throw rocks in the water, build sand castles, otherwise fill up his bucket with mud, etc. Hubby tried one last ditch effort at fishing, but still…no fish. Speaking of lazy, I was only half self stitched that day – my One Piece Kimono Top and RTW shorts from a couple years ago.

Poor dude in the lifejacket - could hardly move, but never complained! lol

Now here’s where I fail you completely. If you notice, there’s no “27” in the title of this post. This was “drive home” day and while I started out the day in my SS modified Lydia (seen in previous posts), and rtw jeans (it was actually chilly when we left Shaver that morning), it was 102 when we got back to town! 1.0.2. Unbelievable! So I changed after unpacking the car because, well, it wasn’t pretty. And consequently I do not have a picture. So day 27 will go down in Self-Stitched September History as a half self stitched outfit, worn for half of the day, of which we have no picture. haha.

So to make it up to you, I’m going to share with you this picture of my Self-Stitched Junior Homecoming dress found yesterday while cleaning – a satin & chiffon empire a-line little number. Look how young I look!!! AH!

Jr. Homecoming, baby!

So I hope your weekend was super too. I’m back to work today – a routine I welcome after such a crazy weekend. See you tomorrow!

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SSS Day 21 & More!

So here we go – 5 more things you may not know about me…

6. I enjoy target shooting – Yes, I remember plinking away at paper targets with my dad from the time I was about 10 years old. He let me shoot “my gun”, a little .22 revolver and I loved it. I didn’t do much shooting for a while in highschool & college, but when I met my husband, he re-introduced it to me and we’ll go target shooting sometimes as a part of our “date night” just for fun – as something to do together.

7. I would like to try farming – In a very small sense. By that I mean, I’d love to have some land to stretch out upon, expand my garden and get some chickens and other animals and be as self-reliant as possible. Now, I’m a city girl and I always have been, but I’ve been influenced by living in the central valley of California where agriculture is a main industry. In light of my city-ness, I make sure and emphasize “try” because if I actually got the chance to really do it, I recognize that I may not like it as much as I’ve romanticized it to be in my head! (Have I mentioned I don’t like bugs all that much?! lol). I don’t know how to do a lot but I’d like to try to learn a bit.  


8. I love to go roller skating and I’m pretty good at it! – Growing up, my friend and I would spend a lot of time at the roller rink and when I wasn’t there, I was skating back and forth between my house and my grandparent’s house 4 houses down the street. A year or two ago, my MOPS (Mother of PreschoolerS) group did a girls night out at the roller rink and I surprised them all with my mad skating skills. hahaha. I’m just not very good backwards yet…

9. My Starbucks addiction has been replaced with Folgers coffee and Coffeemate’s Creme Brule Creamer – Seriously – I don’t want anything else. If they ever discontinue this creamer, I AM IN TROUBLE! (Maybe I should consider stockpiling? hahaha) And yes, Folgers. I know it may seem sacrilegious to you Starbucks diehards out there, but I can brew a strong cup of Folgers and it doesn’t hurt my tummy! If I buy a cup of Starbucks from their stores, I’m okay, but I could never seem to brew it at home to my liking.


10. I drink most everything from a straw – Okay, I’m really grasping for this last one, but #9 reminded me of it. Even my coffee, hot coffee, I drink with a straw. About the only thing I dont’ drink from a straw is water. It all stems from my cousin, when I was little, had braces and didn’t take very good care of her teeth while wearing them. When she got them off, her teeth were stained and it must have had quite an impact on me because when I got my braces, I started drinking everything through a straw and by the time I got them off, 3 1/2 years later it was a habit!

So there you have it! And now it’s my turn to nominate 5 others for the Beautiful Blogger Award!

Now…on to Self Stitched September Day 21. I must admit, my resolve is wearing down, especially with our house in disarray while the beautiful new floor is being installed. To get to my closet, I have to shimmy around to the side of my t.v. armoire, shut my bedroom door, and then shimmy behind it! lol. So today, this is what I managed to grab: my ss Anita Jeans, my ss black knit cardigan and two layered tank tops from Old Navy.

SSS Day 21

Have a great day & see you tomorrow!

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SSS Day 18

BUSY busy busy day yesterday. After being at church from 7:30 am to 4:15, getting dinner home, taking my 2 1/2 year old around town to keep him out of dad’s way (who is laying beautiful floors for us), I was pooped…hence this short post. I had on my Anita Jeans and my One Piece Kimono Tee, both from

Before the chaos...

Hoping for a more quality post tomorrow…see you then!

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SSS Day 17

Yesterday was a very exciting day. My husband started laying laminate wood flooring in our main living areas!! We have been wanting to do this for a few years now and I’m beyond thrilled that the day has finally come! (Thanks for all your hard work, hubby!!)

Alas, I had to go to work (which was probably a good thing for him – no loudmouth project manager to bug him), but once again, it was casual day! YAY! And this time I had jeans to wear. Here I am in my Spring (non) Ruffle Top (with a RTW blue shirt underneath) and my Anita Jeans (burdastyle).

SSS Day 17

On my lunch hour, I finished transfering my Lady Grey pattern and started to cut out my muslin. I doubt I’ll have time to sew it together this weekend. Saturday there is a big event at the church I work at so I will be gone most of the day and Sunday I hope to make my swim suit cover up and a project for a friend. I suppose it depends on how far along the floor-laying has come too. That means sewing next week on my lunches at work, but that’s completely workable too!

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SSS Day 14

Ahhhhhh….MOPS! Yesterday was our first meeting and it was so great to be back! I even received several daily blog reading confessions from a few moms – Thanks to all my closet readers! You make my day! To those of you unfamiliar with MOPS, it stands for “Mothers Of PreschoolerS” and if you’re a mom without a group of friends to help walk the journey with you, you should REALLY check it out! Here’s the link to MOPS International. They’re all across the nation and even around the world. Not in your area? No worries – check into how you can start a group in your area – you won’t regret it!

Well, since I was going to see my mommy friends, I wanted to be a little casual, but I still had to be at work so I chose my new Anita Jeans, my semi-self-drafted double layer rayon Challis camisole and my Badgley Mischka Jacket (Vogue 1099):

Hi mom!

After MOPS & work, we wen’t to Grammy’s house for dinner with the fam. Always lots of fun!

Now, let’s have a true confessions moment here…I LOVE my Badgley Mischka Jacket. I love the shell fabric, the fact that it makes a statement but is still classy, it’s comfy – except for the POLY LINING!!  Why, oh why did I use synthetic lining?! It is so uncomfortable against my skin – any amount of heat and it’s sticking to me and gross-feeling! ugh! I realized the error of my poly-lining ways the last time I wore it so this time, I thought I was prepared. Under my camisole, I wore a white cotton undershirt to be a barrier between the top of my back and shoulders and the lining. However it may have minimized my contact with the lining, I had the same gross-feeling problem. I have concluded it will be a lovely fall jacket and even great in the winter with a long-sleeved knit tee underneath, but whilst the heat remains this jacket shall remain in my closet (unless I need it later this month to finish out September, then I will have to think of something to “Make it work”…though I know Tim Gunn would ne’er approve of poly-lining!) haha.

After tidying up my sewing room the evening before I am really feeling an urge to purge. One thing SSS has taught me so far is that sewing is a lot of work (duh) so if I no longer am inspired by a fabric or pattern, why force it? While preparing for September, I tried to not buy too much more than what was already in my stash, but some of that yardage that has been sitting in my closet all this time is still there. They’re good pieces of fabric, they’re just not inspiring me to work with them.  If I get some time soon I will clean out and reorganize my closet and list my destash items on etsy. Stay tuned…

& don’t forget to check out everyone in the SSS Flickr Group!

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SSS Day 12

Sunday means we’re teaching Sunday School again, but this time there weren’t eight 2 year old boys. There were 10 boys & girls all at various stages of potty training (or not), which made me terribly nervous! lol. Fortunately there were no accidents! I was quite comfy in my pleated Simplicity 4703 skirt, a ready to wear orange tee and my denim button up (again).

Excuse the dorky pose...what was I doing!? haha

The rest of the afternoon I worked on my Anita Jeans. They are completely finished except for the hardware (Jeans button & rivets). I thought I had a jeans button in my drawer of stuff and actually found one. Then when I found what I thought might be the back of it, I put them together, like a dork, and now cannot get them apart! My husband even tried to use pliers and such and that puppy will.not.come.apart. I wish I had used it because it seems pretty good quality! Hahaha. So I’m thinking a lunch run to the fabric store tomorrow will set me up to be able to wear them on Tuesday – our first MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting of the year! So here’s how they look, sans hardware…

mismatched pockets
pretty waistband

Overall, I feel like I have a great pattern going here. I will most likely make them again with a few alterations:

  • lower overall rise (I know, I should have listened to Juebejue!)
  • move the inseam to the center of my leg somehow. You can see in the “front” picture how far forward it lies.
  • Alter the poket/yoke piece to be half denim, half pocket fabric – it’s just slightly too thick, but I do like how the pocket is sewn into the fly zipper and the side seam – it ain’t goin’ nowhere!
  • See if I can figure out what’s going on in the front, though I think the rise adjustment might help.
  • Pick one back pocket style – The two different pockets were a mistake – all the pieces say “cut 1” so I thought the variation was intentional. After going to look at burdastyle again, I realize they are 2 different options. *insert embarrassed face here* Oh well. We’ll see if anyone (who didn’t read this) notices.

At any rate, these are very wearable so I’m pretty pleased with my first go at it! At minimum, they will have to do for this month! Let me know what you think and I’ll see you tomorrow!