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New Patterns & Pattern Sales

Thursday is always an exciting day for me – First of all, it’s my down day. The day I get to veg, or sew, or catch up, and generally go nowhere. The second reason I love Thursdays is because a lot of pattern news seems to happen the last half of the week. {This post contains affiliate links}

As I mentioned last week, Peek a Boo Pattern shop is launching their Spring Line! Last week they released the Boardwalk Hoodie & Henley. This week it is the Castaway Cargos – and today only they are 15% off regular price!!

Peek A Boo Castaway CargosNow you all know how much I LOVE Blank Slate Pattern’s Coastal Cargos (I blogged about them here and here). But I am so intrigued by the knit waistband in these cargos – I think they would be PERFECT for little guys and gals who aren’t big enough for a real button and zip waistband yet. They can be made for boys or girls and in shorts or pants with a size range of 3 months to 12 years!

In other great pattern news, Blank Slate Patterns is having a Charity Sale this week! From Designer Melissa Mora:

This week is Congenital Heart Defect awareness week. As this is an issue that hits close to home (one of my sons has a CHD) I am running a sale and donating 50% of profits this weekend to the Children’s Heart Foundation.Now through February 16, you can get 10% off your order with the code HEART2014. Or, if you’re buying 4 patterns, use the code BUY4GET5 to get a 5th pattern for free!

Blank Slate PatternsSo it’s a great day to plan some weekend sewing! I have made several patterns from these shops and have loved every one of them so you are sure to be thrilled with the finished product and have a great time making something your little ones will love!



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THREE Handmade Holiday Sales

Hi there friends! Are you stuffed to the brim with Thanksgiving goodness? Now it’s time to burn it all off with some holiday shopping and/or sewing! I have 3 Handmade Holiday Sales to share with you so here goes! (This post contains affiliate links)

1. From now till December 15th I will be offering
Free Shipping
in my shop on all ready-to-ship items!

JaimeSews | Handmade Children's Clothing & Quilts

2. A new sale I just heard about is going on at Blank Slate Patterns. Their patterns, usually $7.95 each are on sale today only for 2 for $10!

Blank Slate Patter Black Friday Sale

Believe me, you are not going to have a hard time finding two to purchase! I used the Coastal Cargos pattern to make pants for a Fall Clothing Swap and loved them so much, I had to make another pair for my son. Great fit and great instructions. I picked up a few patterns I have been eyeing!

Blank Slate Patterns Coastal Cargos | JaimeSews

3. Lastly, I want to remind you about the Peek-A-Boo pattern sale going on now through Midnight tomorrow! Just click the picture below to start shoping!

Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop Holiday Sale!

Wednesday I showed you my son’s Downton Duffle Coat made with one of the newer Peek-a-boo Patterns. Today I’m going to show you my daughter’s Hang Out Hoodie made from a soft pink knit and a black slub knit I pulled from my stash. Pardon the mismatched outfit – it was a good!-you’re-up-from-your-nap-now-try-this-on moment, also as evidenced by her sleepy-face. 🙂 This pattern went together in a flash. It’s comfy and easy to wear – no screaming from the child when I put it on her so you know that’s a bonus!

Hangout Hoodie | JaimeSews And don’t forget that the Happy Camper Pattern I used to make my son’s Super Hero Happy Camper Jacket is ALSO a Peek-A-Boo Pattern!

Super Happy Camper | JaimeSews

So have some fun shopping this weekend and I’ll see you Monday!

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When Sewing Fights Cancer

Hi  friends,

Statistics say that most of us have experienced Cancer, whether it was personally or through the diagnosis of a friend or family member. If you’re like me, you sometimes wonder how you can use your gifts, talents or interests to help the world around you. This week I’m excited to tell you that Melissa Mora of Blank Slate Patterns is hosting her first ever Pattern Tour on her blog MellySews!

Click Photo to Check Out the Pattern Tour!

How is this related, you might wonder? Well after seeing the wonderful things all the many talented seamstresses have made from her patterns, you may be tempted to purchase a pattern from her, which would be a great thing to do since 50% of her profits this week are going to go to the Komen Foundation to support breast cancer research and services! 

So hop on over and check it out – you won’t be disappointed!

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Why I Love Maggie Mae or My Return To Etsy

I know I was a BABY!!!
I know I was a BABY!!!

(Note: This post includes some affiliate links)

Sewing has been a part of my life since high school when my mom pulled out her old sewing machine, took it to get serviced for me, and gave me free reign to spread fabric all over the dining and living rooms. With my new driver’s license, I drove myself to the only little fabric store I knew about in town and purchased supplies to make summer dresses, quilts and even made it down to the hill to the “big city” (I use that term loosely) fabric store for satin and chiffon I used to make my Junior year homecoming dress. Nothing I made fit perfectly but I was excited by the possibilities that making-it-yourself offered and I was dying to learn more.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to add various skills to my sewing repertoire. I earned my degree in Home Economics/Family & Consumer Sciences with an emphasis in Clothing & Textiles. This allowed me to add proper technique to what I had learned through trial & error. I’ve worked for sewing machine companies and learned how to use the many functions of modern machines. I interned in college making costumes for the local ballet and was able to get some valuable feedback from a seamstress far above me in skill & experience. I worked in a quilt shop and learned about accurate cutting, piecing, quilting and long-arm quilting, binding, the use of a walking foot and was able to try my hand at teaching. I’ve worked in a bridal alteration room, where I learned industry techniques to speed up and simplify my sewing. I took apart wedding dresses and put them back together again and got to see how each one was made. In 2008, my son was born and I gained a new interest in baby and children’s sewn-items and opened my etsy shop.

Probably the cute model adds to my inspiration...I'm just sayin'
Probably the cute model adds to my inspiration…I’m just sayin’

However, with these various & wonderful experiences, I wasn’t sure where to land! I couldn’t decide what I loved to sew the most and I felt a little all over the place. What I was making in 2008 didn’t excite me, which is part of the reason why I went inactive for a few years. (Well that, and having children and working full time). 🙂 Now this may be a little dramatic, (although if you know me personally, that’s not too surprising) but all this seemed to change with the making of my first Maggie Mae.

Since I opened my shop in 2008 a wonderful slew of independent pattern designers have rushed in to fill, in my opinion, a huge gap in the sewing industry: Modern, well fitting, attractive and comfortable children’s clothing. Maggie Mae by ShwinDesigns is one example, but any of the patterns from Go To Patterns, Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop, Blank Slate Patterns (where I got the Coastal Cargos pattern), See Kate Sew and other smaller designers on Etsy are offering beautiful patterns that fit the bill.

Spooky Maggie Mae
Spooky Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae inspires me because I am not a super frilly girl myself and I like that Maggie Mae communicates a similar style. She’s fun, stylish and practical, easy-going and comfortable, simple and modern. Every cute fabric I see I think immediately – that would make an adorable Maggie Mae. I can see it done in formal wear (think flower girl) in satin and sheers with a more gathered skirt and, of course, keeping the pockets. Maggie Mae can be made in denim & print, solids and florals, festive holiday prints, as a dress and as a tunic. I plan to experiment with long sleeves in the near future & who knows what else will come to mind! But one thing I know, this little pattern excites me – I could make it day and night and pull it off the ironing board every time and adore it’s cuteness.

So if you see my shop filling up with variations of Maggie Mae, now you know why. I absolutely love it and all it’s possibilities. And don’t worry – I’ll try out some other patterns to see if they capture my heart like this one did, but this time around, I’ll only keep making what I really love and hope you love it too.

Maggie Mae Goes Back To School
Maggie Mae Goes Back To School
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The Coastal Cargos

As I started getting back into sewing the past few months , I found a few new independent pattern companies had popped up since I had been here last. And to my great delight! Finally! Someone has started to fill the gap in the pattern market by making boys clothing patterns that were modern and realistic. Style is one thing, but the fit in the pattern I’m about to share with you is incredible. I’ve written several times about how the big pattern company’s patterns are always far too wide and sometimes short. But even then, there isn’t much to choose from.

One of the pattern companies I’ve joyfully stumbled upon was Blank Slate Patterns. As soon as I saw this Coastal Cargos pattern {affiliate link}, I was excited, but at the same time hesitant. I had previously had some bad experiences with boys patterns, but I went on to purchase the pattern and looked forward to when I could give it a try. I signed up for a Back To School handmade clothing swap and got paired with a mom in Arkansas who’s boy was near my son’s size. We decided the Coastal Cargos would be a great pattern so I headed off to F&M Fabrics to get supplies and then got to it.

front_outsideThese pants have so many great features – there are pockets everywhere, as well there should be in a pair of cargo pants. There are front pockets, back welt pockets, and of course, cargo pockets, but all of them are optional. The most obvious and fun feature is the bias tape at the side seams and inseam. Not only does it look good, but the way it’s done makes for a very smooth inside because the seam allowances are sewn on the outside.

2013-08-03-13.35.20My son is a skinny guy so the elastic in the back is a MUST for fit, not to mention great for comfort. There are belt loops too in case you need a little more security around the waist. I found the coolest little buttons at F&M Fabrics  and attached them to the cargo pocket flaps.

Sorry for the blur!

All in all, we were kind of sad to pack these up and ship them off, but we can only hope the recipient will love them as much as we did and head back to the fabric store to get supplies to make another pair for my son! The Coastal Cargo pattern fits sizes 18 months to size 8 (how AWESOME is that). I foresee a new pair every fall…

OnTIf you’d like to make your own pair, Designer Melissa Mora hosted a Coastal Cargo Sew-Along on her blog Melly Sews and the posts are still there for you to enjoy. It’s a great way to get a little extra guidance while you’re sewing them up and then share and be inspired by others. Have a great weekend!