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Vintage Airplane Baby Shower

This past Saturday I was thrilled to work with my mom-&-sister-in-law to celebrate my newest nephew with a Vintage Airplane Baby Shower! We had an intimate group, yummy food and fun decorations from a combination of items on hand, Hobby Lobby and Etsy. Here are a few photos…

My mother in law, Patti had these great vintage suit cases. In the entry one suit case held the favors, white-chocolate covered jumbo pretzels made by sis-in-law Katie. The red plane was from Hobby Lobby and we had a great time working with Jessica of InBetweeNEverthing, who designed and customized the invitation for us. We had the globe and the cards just in front of it are these great FREE printables Katie found online at Pottery Barn Kids – we used what they deem the food label cards as advice cards.

Airplane Baby Shower | JaimeSews

On the food table, we put more vintage suitcases. Patti created the suitcase tags to hang on them – they were so cute!

Airplane Baby Shower | JaimeSews

We also set out my inflatable globe (fancy!) with another plane from Hobby Lobby.

Airplane Baby Shower | JaimeSews

We made a blue punch using this recipe (roughly) and added ice cream clouds & a new airplane bath toy. I also got these water bottle labels and a sign set on Etsy from PaperPatchINK  (both not pictured).

Airplane Baby Shower | JaimeSews

And Patti used her mad skills to make the cake. As always, it was adorable!

Airplane Baby Shower | JaimeSews

I know some of you may have seen my fabric picture on Instagram/Facebook…

Vintage Airplane Shower | JaimeSews

If you can believe it, I didn’t snap a picture of the finished product!! But I made a boppy cover using this pattern I had on hand and also a set of Car Seat Strap Covers (Tutorial here). Sadly, I also didn’t get too many pictures of us enjoying the party, but I did catch a few.

The Guest of Honor and the cousins.


Aunt Becky & Mikayla




I am so glad I wasn’t the only photographer – I’ll have to catch up with the family later to swap photos since mine are so scarce! But all in all it was a fun time and lots of joy. Congratulations Megan & Brian and we can’t wait to meet this sweet baby boy!

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DIY Birthday Party

Somehow 4 years have passed since my son was born. It’s gone from this:

to this:

quicker than it feels possible! Over the years we’ve done several themed birthdays and there is always a diy element to each party, but this year we went DIY crazy!

The one consistent DIY element is the cake. My mom-in-law, Patti, made all of the birthday cakes for each of her 4 children & this was definitely a tradition I wanted to carry on. Problem was, I had never in my life decorated a cake so I was relieved when she was willing to help me. Here are the cakes we made in previous years:

1st Birthday Cake by Patti
1st Birthday Baby Cake by me!
2nd Birthday Cake (Mater by me, Lightning by Patti)
3rd Birthday Cake by Patti

So this year, like many 4 year old boys, my Tyler is into Super Heros. With the help of Pintrest, I found all the elements I needed to find inspiration for a complete DIY Super Hero Party! First, I found this invite and printables birthday package on Etsy:

From ThePartyProject on Etsy
From ThePartyProject on Etsy

Rose from ThePartyProject was wonderful to work with. I just purchased the package, gave her all the party details and uploaded a picture of Tyler in his Batman jammies and she did all the graphic magic. I just printed it all and added some props and we were good to go. With this as my inspiration, I also found this cake on Pintrest:

Inspiration Cake

We made some slight changes and came up with this:

Our Actual Cake

This year we added a brand new element for us – fondant! And actually, I was so drowned in printables (which I wouldn’t have finished without Auntie Katie’s help!) that Patti did all the fondant work the night before. We have our eye on a birthday cake for Elise that will also use fondant so I hope to learn how to work with it on the next cake. I know some friends who make their own fondant, but since it was so new to us, we simply bought the pre-made stuff at Michael’s.

Here are some more pictures of how it all turned out:

Tyler & Grandma making the cake
Pow * Zap* Ka-Boom & Straw Flags
Pow Napkin Rings
Water Bottle Labels
Goodie Bag Station, Birthday Sign
Caped Lollipops
Cape-Making Station

I found the idea for t-shirt capes here and got the printable logos here. We had the kids glue on their chosen felt super hero logo to their chosen cape as they arrived using Fabric Glue, but it had to sit and dry the duration of the party. If I had to do it over again, I would have pre-made the capes or used an iron-on fusible so the kids could wear them for the party, but I think it was fun anyway and a great party favor to take on the road.

As always, we had a super blessed time with family, friends and laughter. I hope my son will come to appreciate all the love that goes into these handmade birthdays, but in the meantime, I’m having a lot of fun!