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A Lego Movie Birthday Party

Lego Movie Party | MadeByJaime

Each year my kids choose a birthday theme and I do my best to search pinterest, sew or otherwise gather supplies to make it come to life. A few years back we did a Super Heroes party. Other years it’s been Ninjas, Star Wars, Curious George and Thomas the Train (apparently I didn’t blog those). Well my son had a lego theme picked out since his last party, but between then and now the Lego Movie came out so we altered our ideas slightly and here’s what we came up with!

I grabbed this “Welcome Master Builders” printable from etsy for the front door and came up with some “Instructions” to follow for the party. I used the free lego border to design my signs here.

Step 1: Design your own Minifigure (get the printable here).Lego Movie Party | MadeByJaime

Step 2: Guess the # of legos in the jar. I had Tyler count the legos in the jar and let me know how many there were. I just made up some guess cards (with name and guess) to print on cardstock and used one of my old lego buckets as the entry box.

Lego Movie Party | MadeByJaime

Step 3: Pin the Head on the Minifigure! I got the tutorial with free printables for this here.

Lego Movie Party | MadeByJaime

Step 4: Taco Tuesday! This took me an embarrassingly long time to come up with. I was agonizing what to serve for lunch since I was tired of pizza and couldn’t really think of a dish that would be kid & adult-friendly and as I was searching google images for ideas I saw it – TACO TUESDAY! DUH! I found a great deal on carne asada taco catering at our local El Taco Fresco and everyone kept commenting on how good it was. WIN!

Lego Movie Party | MadeByJaime

Step 5: Presents & Step 6: Cake & Ice Cream!

Lego Movie Party | MadeByJaime

Following tradition, my mother in law Patti came over to make the cake Tyler designed (based on a cake we found online). Tyler grabbed a bunch of minifigures to place all over the cake and we used real legos as the bottom border.

Lego Movie Party | MadeByJaime

The lego pieces were cut from a second sheet cake and were a REAL PAIN for Patti to ice. I felt like a horrible person as I was cleaning up and saw the mini loaf pan (like this) in my cupboard that would have made that whole process MUCH easier. So far, Patti is still talking to me, since that idea didn’t occur to me until AFTER she had painstakingly frosted all the lego pieces, fighting the cake crumbs the whole way. 🙂

Lego Movie Party | MadeByJaime

I also showed my son this picture and had him make up a few pedestals for our museum pieces.

Lego Movie Party | MadeByJaime Lego Movie Party | MadeByJaime Lego Movie Party | MadeByJaime Lego Movie Party | MadeByJaime Lego Movie Party | MadeByJaime

The party was smaller this year, but the Lego Movie theme was so fun – we had a great time. Happy Birthday Son!

Lego Movie Party | MadeByJaime


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Super Hero Happy Camper

I am so excited to share with you my newest project available for sale here in my Etsy shop. It is definitely a one of a kind item!! It all started when I was browsing Etsy for fabric (when I had no business doing so) and I saw the Robert Kaufman Heroes PanelImmediately I thought  – that would make a great shirt. I have plans to make the Maxwell Shirt from ShwinDesigns, but the pockets and detailing of that shirt pattern weren’t quite right for this panel. My sister in law mentioned it might make a great hoodie. I loved that idea but I was afraid a hood might cover up the newspaper print I planned to feature on the back. Then Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop came out with their Happy Camper pattern {affiliate link} and I knew immediately it would be perfect.

This is what I get when I ask for a “serious” face – haha




I washed the panel and started making decisions about what I wanted where (with some input from my model). After carefully cutting the panel apart, I started placing the various elements on the pattern pieces to see where I needed to add fabric to make it work. The front features the two super heroes at the base with the BANG and POW! pieces sewn together on an angle.


Each seam is professionally finished and topstitched.


My model chose two more pieces from the panel to be featured on each sleeve. These are appliqued on to the sleeve just above the city-scape. The sleeve hem is gathered by elastic to keep the cold out.


As mentioned, the back features the newspaper article from The Hero’s Herald with a full color photo & “Super Hero Saves the Day!” headline.


In-seam pockets of anti-pill fleece keep your little guy warm.


The jacket was designed so there are no exposed seams inside – Just the warmth and comfort of anti-pill fleece fully lining the body and sleeves.


This would make the perfect One of a Kind gift for your Happy Camper size 6/12 months up to size 12 years. These are made to order so please allow for construction time and shipping.

Model is wearing the Perfect Cargo Pants also available in my shop here. The Pattern, Blank Slate Coastal Cargos, is available here {affiliate link}.

Thanks for reading and see you next week!

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DIY Birthday Party

Somehow 4 years have passed since my son was born. It’s gone from this:

to this:

quicker than it feels possible! Over the years we’ve done several themed birthdays and there is always a diy element to each party, but this year we went DIY crazy!

The one consistent DIY element is the cake. My mom-in-law, Patti, made all of the birthday cakes for each of her 4 children & this was definitely a tradition I wanted to carry on. Problem was, I had never in my life decorated a cake so I was relieved when she was willing to help me. Here are the cakes we made in previous years:

1st Birthday Cake by Patti
1st Birthday Baby Cake by me!
2nd Birthday Cake (Mater by me, Lightning by Patti)
3rd Birthday Cake by Patti

So this year, like many 4 year old boys, my Tyler is into Super Heros. With the help of Pintrest, I found all the elements I needed to find inspiration for a complete DIY Super Hero Party! First, I found this invite and printables birthday package on Etsy:

From ThePartyProject on Etsy
From ThePartyProject on Etsy

Rose from ThePartyProject was wonderful to work with. I just purchased the package, gave her all the party details and uploaded a picture of Tyler in his Batman jammies and she did all the graphic magic. I just printed it all and added some props and we were good to go. With this as my inspiration, I also found this cake on Pintrest:

Inspiration Cake

We made some slight changes and came up with this:

Our Actual Cake

This year we added a brand new element for us – fondant! And actually, I was so drowned in printables (which I wouldn’t have finished without Auntie Katie’s help!) that Patti did all the fondant work the night before. We have our eye on a birthday cake for Elise that will also use fondant so I hope to learn how to work with it on the next cake. I know some friends who make their own fondant, but since it was so new to us, we simply bought the pre-made stuff at Michael’s.

Here are some more pictures of how it all turned out:

Tyler & Grandma making the cake
Pow * Zap* Ka-Boom & Straw Flags
Pow Napkin Rings
Water Bottle Labels
Goodie Bag Station, Birthday Sign
Caped Lollipops
Cape-Making Station

I found the idea for t-shirt capes here and got the printable logos here. We had the kids glue on their chosen felt super hero logo to their chosen cape as they arrived using Fabric Glue, but it had to sit and dry the duration of the party. If I had to do it over again, I would have pre-made the capes or used an iron-on fusible so the kids could wear them for the party, but I think it was fun anyway and a great party favor to take on the road.

As always, we had a super blessed time with family, friends and laughter. I hope my son will come to appreciate all the love that goes into these handmade birthdays, but in the meantime, I’m having a lot of fun!