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SSS Day 29

Not much to say today – it was super busy and tomorrow promises the same! So I’ll just tell you what I wore:

  • Sunny Day Sadie
  • Alice & Olivia Linen Blend pants (can you tell this was the end of the day when they’re all wrinkly? lol)

Even though I made the shirt long on purpose, I felt like there was just too much expanse between the cowl and the shirt hem so I added the turquoise bead necklace. All in all there was a lot hanging from my neck but it accomplished what I wanted – breaking up the plain. Tomorrow is the last day!! Whatever shall I blog about after that!? haha

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SSS Day 22

Well, after all that talk about me in the last two posts, I thought it’d be fun to talk about someone else. Meet my friend Wanda:
My friend Wanda - Isn't she stylish?!


In the fall, our Bible study starts back up again at 6:15 am at a local restaurant. About 40 ladies of all ages attend and it’s something I look forward to & cherish…and consequently MISS when we break for the summer! Wanda is one of the attendees, but I also get to know Wanda a little more because she comes every Friday to stuff the church bulletin with all the paper announcements. Here are my favorite things about Wanda: 

  • She has a weakness for chocolate (who doesn’t!)
  • She cannot resist a Kohl’s sale and is always telling me about her super finds (See her adorable jacket?! I’m sure she got it at Kohl’s!)
  • Wanda and her husband were missionaries (so she has GREAT stories) and she used to sew all her family’s clothing, or have it made by local tailors wherever she was living (which is also fun to hear about!).


Don’t you just love her!? 

My SSS outfit today is all repeats – A&O Cropped brown pants, Sunny Day Sadie cowl top, and my denim button up. 

I got some work done on my Lady Grey muslin. Gertie recommended this method of muslin preparation but then someone commented below on a variation of that that seemed to fit my available time better. So I copied the pattern onto pattern “stuff” (not really paper) and laid it out on my fabric. I used my seam guage and chalk wheel to mark out 3/8″ beyond the pattern so that I could have 1″ seam allowances for letting out if needbe. Then I cut on the chalk line: 

Marking for 1" seams and cutting on the chalk line...

Then I used a contrasting thread (white) to sew the stitching line 1″ in. 

Original Stiching Lines in White

Tomorrow I hope to use a different color contrasting thread to sew it up and then I’ll be caught up…almost. 😉 

On the home front, the finishing of the floors is in sight! I’m SOoooo glad I got to finish my Hot Patterns Swimsuit coverup Monday (even though I did a sort of slap-together job on it. Pics will appear in later SSS posts) because the hallway bookshelf and contents of the hall closet floor have taken up residency in my sewing room to the extent that I cannot step into it! If all goes as planned, my super-duper brother-in-law will be able to finish it up before the weekend and I’ll have my couch, bedroom and sewing room back – all of which are important for any weekend!

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SSS Day 1

Here we go!

I’m starting Self-Stitched September with my Alice & Olivia pants, since I haven’t worn them yet, and my Yellow Sadie. I also made the white camisole underneath from a $2 t-shirt I got at CVS! Since I knew I’d be making most of my clothes, I bought some fun shoes. Today I have my t-strap Clarks on – cute but comfy too!

Sorry for cutting off my foot and the funny look on my face. It’s difficult taking my own picture with the timer and the camera propped up on my cutting table with a pin box and olfa ruler! lol. Hopefully I’ll get some kind of system down before the end of the month! Or maybe a tripod….Oh…and forgot to mention. You can click the picture to see it bigger. See you tomorrow!