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SSS Day 30

So I made it! Through 30 days of mostly self-stitched clothing!! I can hardly believe it. As with all our clothing, I definitely found I gravitated toward some items more than others and didn’t even wear one dress. So that dress will find a new home and that’s okay. Here I had my chance to wear it and I still avoided it so that means it’s just not for me.

I mean to tell you, missing that first day of the week from work has really done me in and I’ve found myself floundering at getting things done as quickly as usual! Needless to say it was a rough day, so to save you my tired countenance and messy hair, I’m headless today. Wearing my pink gauze simplicity top and my cropped brown Alice & Olivia pants. Comfy but still dressy enough for an important meeting we had today at work.

If you’d like to see all the SSS outfits I wore, you can take a quick glance at my flickr set. What do you think? Did you have a favorite outfit or piece of clothing from over the last month?

Now that October is here, I am switching gears. I was able yesterday to cut out part of my son’s Halloween costume and a pair of pajamas (see pj’s below).

firetruck sleeves and pants with red shirt body
Simplicity 5874 & print up close – He picked the fabric himself. 🙂

Since the main shirt for the costume comes in 4 sizes and the one I’m cutting is right in the middle of that, I avoided cutting it today so that I can see if I have enough Pattern Trace to preserve the pattern. It’s such a basic shirt pattern that I’m sure I could use it again for a regular shirt or another costume.

Also, I will now be able to focus better on the Lady Grey sew-a-long. I am not far behind and I think I could catch up easily, I just need some sewing time. When I first joined the sew-a-long, I thought, “Why are we making a muslin. It’s a princess seamed coat – should be easy to fit!” but I’ve been amazed at the fitting issues most of the other participants have faced in their muslins. If you want to follow along, even if you are not a participant, check out the flickr group. I really hope I don’t have much to fix, but everyone seems to be very helpful so I know I’ll have good help if I need it. I’ll be sure to show my progress, but I can guarantee it won’t be every day. 🙂 I have enjoyed the push to blog more frequently and they say doing something 28 times (is that the number?) makes a habit, so maybe we have a habit going on. I guess time will tell…

Thanks to those of you who kept up with Self-Stitched September! See you soon!!

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SSS Day 15

I’ve made it to the HALFWAY POINT!!! And with only 2 non-self-stitched items (RTW Jeans on Day 11 and a RTW Shirt on Day 12). I’m pretty proud of that, but I must say I had an emotional moment the night before Day 15 and wanted to scrap it all, or at least part way. I’m noticing that most of my SSS is brown and pink and I miss black. I miss some of the easy-to-wear tanks and, well, the other half of my wardrobe in general. I teeter between “Well, I’ve made it this far, that’s pretty good, just relax!” and “I’ve made it this far, I can’t stop now!” lol. So we’ll see how it all plays out.

I think I wore something similar on day 15 to what I wore exactly a week ago on Day 8, which is a bummer because I have a very early Women’s Bible study where last week was the first meeting and this week was the second so now they’ve seen me in the same outfit! Eeek! It’s okay – even someone who knows about my SSS didn’t notice. I wore my Flared Denim Skirt again (Simplicity 5914), but this time with my pink gauze top from Simplicity 2892 and my self drafted white knit shrug. the coolness of the garden...

What I’ve decided on the skirt is I will take it in on the bottom sides (someday). This skirt has a side zip and I forgot to top stitch it so there will be no topstitching to take out…just remove part of the hem, sew the flare smaller and reinstall the hem. Plus, these are the seems I feel are the most trouble. I do not mind the front and back flares, so I think that will work out well!

The Gertie Lady Grey sew-a-long is in full muslin mode now, so I purchased some pattern tracing stuff (it’s not really fabric, not really paper) to transfer my pattern and get moving. There was some discussion about whether or not people trace their patterns or just use the original. For me, it depends on the pattern. On the Alice & Olivia pattern, I used the original, though now I wish I had traced it because I think I will use it over and over again. I traced the Anita Jeans pattern onto sew-in interfacing so that I could try it on and fit the “pattern”. Now I have a pretty messed up pattern (from all the taking in, adding on, etc.) so I plan to re-trace the altered pieces onto new pattern stuff/interfacing and then making further alterations from there. That way, I will be able to use it again and again without worry that the paper will wear out. Most patterns I don’t do this with as I don’t typically re-make a dress or top. However, this Lady Grey pattern was$18 (with the sew-a-long discount) so I feel like I’d like to preserve the original pattern for use later on. Therefore I will be tracing it. I bought this burgundy polyester suiting fabric from Hancock’s for $1.95/yd on the clearance tables.

muslin fabric for the Lady Grey Sew-A-Long

I think it has a similar weight and feel to the wool blend I will be using so it should give me an accurate picture of the fit of the pattern. I’m now trying to decide…do I round up the tailoring items, such as silk thread, special interfacing, sleeve heads and silk organza for the bound buttons or just keep it simple and do regular buttonholes, fusible interfacing (that I already have), etc. hmmm….decisions, decisions. If any of you readers are doing the sew-a-long, what have you decided?

See you tomorrow!

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SSS Day 11

Well I only made it 8 days from my Day 3 statement of SSS purity before falling off the bandwagon. It all started at 5:15 yesterday morning when I decided to go to the grocery store…since I was up! (Thanks little T, eesh!)I needed to make it home by 7 for hubby to go to the gym, so I decided to shower after shopping. (I know, tmi!). Loudly declaring to my husband that SSS didn’t start until after I showered, I threw on some rtw clothing, most key to the story were my jeans. Oh, how I missed them, how they fit so comfortably and soothed an up-to-early mommy who hadn’t seen her jeans in at least 11 days! So when I made it home, unpacked the groceries and hopped in the shower, all I wanted to do was put on some jeans…& i did. So, though I did make some great strides on my self-stitched jeans yesterday afternoon, I am not wearing them in this picture. Instead, what you see is

  • Old Navy Jeans
  • My Chocolate Bias-Cut Cami (very loosely based on Simplicity 9264, but mostly self-drafted) from rayon Challis
  • A self-drafted knit shrug/cropped cardi
only half self-stitched

I REALLY hope I can show you my finished jeans in tomorrow’s post! Stay tuned…

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SSS Day 8

Yesterday was a looooooooooooong day. I was up super early and wanted something easy to wear. I chose my flared denim skirt (Simplicity 5914) and my (non) Maternity Wrap Top from Megan Nielson and, of course, my white camisole refashion underneath.

SSS Day 8

I have to admit, I should probably have used a lighter weight denim or a slightly different pattern for the skirt – the hem sticks out pretty definitively and I find myself hoping it softens up after a few washings, but at any rate, it’s kind of fun. I had seen a lady at church with a flared denim skirt, buttons all the way up the front with a belt and thought it was really cute. Anyway, I didn’t pay enough attention to detail or think it all the way through or something. Does anyone else struggle with making their vision a reality? What are your roadblocks? It has definitely taught me that, in the future I will need to have more focus. When I used to sew for brides, they would bring me a picture and I would study, I mean STUDY it, find all the detail and try to understand just exactly what the bride had in mind. I would sew it mentally in my head before I even started. This is the same dedication I need to channel in the future.

So the question is, do you like the skirt? Should I pull out the top-stitching and maybe lessen the flare? I’m thinking I might, especially after seeing the picture, but I’d like your opinion – go ahead, I can take it! lol

Stay tuned for tomorrow…I got my tripod in the mail yesterday so maybe I can find a different, more fun place to take pictures!