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Quilted Fabric Crib Rail Guard Protector

Hey look – I finished a project in less than 24 hours! I started this Crib Rail Guard Thursday night and finished the button holes and buttons on my lunch on Friday! It protects your crib from little beavers – otherwise known as teething infants. But before you think I’m super cool (I know, it’s a risk I have to take), I didn’t make this up! I got it from a fellow FAME (Fabulous Artistic Moms of Etsy) member, Amy, aka “New England Quilter”. If you’d like instructions on how to make your own, (Sorry, link no longer available)!

I had to make some adjustments because the front of Tyler’s crib is really wide before it gets to the vertical bars (see below), but otherwise it went super quick! It would make a great shower gift!

4 thoughts on “Quilted Fabric Crib Rail Guard Protector

  1. Nice work mama! It looks great!Amy

  2. SUPER Cute! Are you going to list them in your Etsy shop since you said your self it would make a great shower gift???? You could make matching burp cloths for a very functional gift.

  3. great job…love your blog too…the ribbon on the side is beautiful!!!

  4. Beautiful! What a great idea! Yours turned out great! 🙂

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