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Unreal Expectations

Ok, this weekend, I have more plans than weekend! Here’s what I “hope” to accomplish:

– Steam wedding dress and bridesmaid dress for Saturday afternoon wedding
– Alter wedding gown and 2 bridesmaid dresses for August wedding
– Make myself a dress for the rehearsal dinner of a wedding we’re going to next weekend. (HEY! It’s already cut out!)
– Get a pedicure for said wedding
– Pick up special bra for said wedding
– Re-alter my bridesmaid dress for said wedding (after fitting with special bra)
– Have a date with my husband on Saturday night
– Keep a 4 month old happy
– Keep husband happy

And I’m sure there’s more! I’ll get to it all right after my husband’s work picnic tonight! I’ll log back in on Monday to let you know how it goes…(There’s no way!)

2 thoughts on “Unreal Expectations

  1. Hi Jamie, just wanted to say “Hi” and your work is beautiful.

  2. I found your blog through Lynn’s blog. I did quilt your X block Quilt. How is the baby?

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