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Campbell’s Necessary Clutch Wallet

Campbell's Necessary Clutch Wallet | MadeByJaime

Have I warned you that once you start making NCWs, you just can’t stop? Well my mother in law’s birthday is in May, the same month as Mother’s Day. We had her over for dinner at her request for her Mother’s Day present and she did that thing that mom’s sometimes do and told us not to get her anything for her birthday. Well, I already had this NCW fabric ordered and in the plans, so we did that thing that kids sometimes do and said, “Sure mom!”

Campbell's Necessary Clutch Wallet | MadeByJaime

She likes to collect Campbell’s Soup paraphernalia and she is married to a Campbell so I thought this fabric would be fun. I actually made this before the Tula Pink NCW, it was my first attempt in lining up a print to match on the body and the flap. I am happy with the results!  Campbell's Necessary Clutch Wallet | MadeByJaime

Because it is a directional print, I also pieced the body so the back would show the print right side up. Inside, I added an I.D. window, but otherwise followed the pattern. Campbell's Necessary Clutch Wallet | MadeByJaime

I also fussy cut the inside flap to feature another label from the fabric panel. Each time I make the NCW, I play a little with the interfacing in the flap. This time around I interfaced each piece with Pellon SF-101, then I put the decorative piece of Peltex inside the flap instead of wrapping it in fabric and stitching it to the top. Then I Stitched close to it to give some dimension. I think my favorite combination will be Pellon 808 and decorative piece of Peltex inside. I have a few orders already so we’ll see if I stick with it or not! Campbell's Necessary Clutch Wallet | MadeByJaime

I did not know it, but mom said she was in need of a wallet! So I hope she’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come. Campbell's Necessary Clutch Wallet | MadeByJaime

I just love how fun these wallets are to put together and how practical they are! If you haven’t made one yet, head on over to Emmaline Bags to grab your pattern and hardware (she has the best hardware, in my opinion).

12 thoughts on “Campbell’s Necessary Clutch Wallet

  1. Love it! You lined it up perfectly and it is beautiful!

  2. I LOVE my new wallet!!! Jaime, you did a fabulous job, as always, and I have gotten many compliments on it <3

    1. So good to hear! 🙂

  3. That vintage fabric is great!

  4. This is so perfect! You lined it perfectly!

    1. Thank you Karly!!

  5. This is gorgeous!

  6. I LOVE this!! It’s a good thing I know how much you’ve got on your project list, or I’d be begging you for one of these!! 😉

  7. Great fabric choice, and even better that you came up with something for her:) Birthdays can be tricky!

  8. I love all the dividers!

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