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Pre-SSS Thoughts

Well, it’s come; it’s finally here! I’m amazed at what I’ve accomplished and excited to finish a few more things to help make Self-Stitched September more comfortable (i.e. more PANTS! lol). I will now officially change my sidebar from “I plan to participate in Self Stitched September” to “I am participating in Self Stitched September”. I can’t wait to see what other participants have made!! Be sure to google “Self-Stitched September” to find other participants. One I know of for sure is Tasia over at, who is also developing a line of patterns for us pear-shaped individuals! (THANK YOU!) I found her through Me Made May a few months back and love her sense of style and sewing skills!
So on that note….Ready, set, SSS!!!

3 thoughts on “Pre-SSS Thoughts

    1. Thank you! I”ll post it in my post tomorrow!

  1. Thanks for the mention! I’m so glad you’re excited about the pattern line 🙂

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