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I DID IT!!! I made pants! Pants I actually will want to wear!!

Pants - Side FrontPants - Back

Pants - FrontI will not have to face Self Stitched September with only skirts!!I know this fabric photographs grey, but it has a blue-grey denim look to it. And I know it’s not every sewer’s first choice, but it is a flowy linen blend. Let’s face it, polyester may not be glamorous, but it keeps the wrinkles out of the linen and that makes it my practical, though sometimes looked down upon friend.

I owe it all to Palmer/Pletsch’s book, Pants for Real People by Pati Palmer & Marta Alto. This book easily takes you step by step through the alterations to make by doing a tissue fitting. That’s it – no muslin! You work out the major bugs with the tissue and then fit as you sew to work out the minor bugs. It’s super fabulous! I’ll show you my pattern after the initial tissue fit:

Pants tissue
I probably should have started with a bigger size...

Some of the excess tissue will come off the side seams because after I cut the pants out and started sewing, I had to take it in a bit. The great thing is that if I’m careful to transfer the changes I made while sewing, I’ll be able to bust out another pair of these babies in brown here in no time! OH – I almost forgot…This is Alice & Olivia for Vogue pattern 2907. I think I’ll see about pulling some more in around my thighs, but over all – really love them and plan to make them again! Yay for pants!!

3 thoughts on “PANTS!!!!

  1. WooHoo!!! Congrats on such a major accomplishment!

  2. Yay pants! I am thinking of making some pjs to Christmas this year…not quite pants, but I’m inching myself that direction…you know, by the time I’m 60 maybe I’ll give it a try ;

  3. Oh wow – no muslin! good for you! I’m so impressed and thrilled that they turned out for you. They’ll totally come in handy this month!!

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