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SSS Day 2

Before I show you today’s outfit, I wanted to give you the link to the official Self-Stitched September Participant list! (Thanks Zoe!) Also, she has set up a flickr group for SSS which you can visit here! Such a source of inspiration from 160 people around the world!!

Today I’m wearing my brown floral dress (Butterick 5181) that I first mentioned when I announced my intent to participate in Self-Stitched September way back here. Since I wanted to get the pictures before hubby left for work, I am headless because there is no hair and makeup going on until after hubby goes to work!

SSS Day 2
SSS Day 2
See the flowy skirt?

I actually made this dress 2 years ago to wear to my sister-in-law’s wedding rehearsal dinner but then chickened out. I had just had my son 6 months before and was trying to find a style to camouflage my “post-baby belly” lol. I got the fabric on a whim at JoAnn’s – its soft and flowy and fun to wear (though my husband says it’s just okay…would probably be better if it wasn’t “shiny” hahaha).  If you follow me on Facebook, this is the dress I wore to church last Sunday when the lady behind me mentioned, “I love your dress.” Of course, that made my day!

I made the camisole underneath too! Got the knit at The Cotton Shop in Redondo Beach, CA and the fold-over elastic on ebay.

I was able to cut my 2nd pair of pants cut out yesterday and hope to get them sewn this weekend. There’s some fabric left over and I’m wondering if there’s enough to make Kasia…?

4 thoughts on “SSS Day 2

  1. Shiny but cute! Gotta love the comments from men eh? The midriff band is super flattering.

  2. My husband would probably say the very same thing about it being too shiny. 😛 It’s hard to find a print that he likes in general though – he’s such a “boring” dresser himself that he finds it hard to like things on me that are more interesting. 🙂

    1. That is exactly the situation in our house. I’ve had to learn that as long as I like it and he doesn’t hate it, I have to move on in confidence. lol.

  3. Perfect advice jaimesews! “…as long as I like it and he doesn’t hate it, I have to move on in confidence.” I’m in awe of your dress-it’s so pretty!

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