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SSS Day 3

Well, today is casual day at work, which usually means jeans. However, when the temps are in the 100’s, like they are the next few days, we always sneak in shorts…shhhhhh…don’t tell. This works out as I do not have jeans made up yet! Some participants are not as hard core about it, but I had in mind that, if possible, I would like to stick to mostly handmade items, if not exclusively. I’ll try not to beat myself up about it if I change my mind later, but so far I’m having fun being as handmade as possible. (Note: it’s only the 3rd day…lol).

So here I am:

Day 3
Hey - got my haircut too! Thanks Vanessa!!
Close up
Close up
  1. Stretch Denim Shorts (McCall’s 3132) cut years, I mean YEARS ago and tucked away in a plastic bin for whatever reason. I’m just thrilled the size I cut still fits after a baby and life in general!
  2. Shirt is Simplicity 2892 from a pink gauze (you may have seen it before here)

Yesterday I was able to cut out my swimsuit cover up/dress. I was fortunate enough to snatch up a free download of Hot Pattern’s Peach Beachy Coverup from a while back and grabbed some gorgeous blue gauze to cut it out of while I was at it! This may not seem like a priority in my Self-Stitched September wardrobe, but we will be at the lake at some point this month and that makes it an essential! If you’re not familiar with my “Weekday-Cutting; Weekend-Sewing” method, I typically use the giant table in the conference room at work to cut during the week and use weekend nap times to sew. Even though this weekend is a 3 day weekend, I will still only have 2 nap time sessions to sew so we will see how much I get done. I have high hopes to start looking at the jeans pattern next week…but then again, I always have higher hopes that what can actually be accomplished in reality! 🙂

I also purchased a tabletop tripod which will be here mid next week so here’s hoping my pictures get better!

4 thoughts on “SSS Day 3

  1. YEA! You are such an inspiration!

  2. Yay tripod! I also have high, high hopes compared to the actual time I have available… you’re turning out projects very quickly and successfully though!

  3. […] on the same campus where I work so his teachers were all aware of my participation in SSS. Yesterday I wore my denim shorts and Simplicity top and when I walked in to pick him up, one of the teachers […]

  4. Cute top and shorts…I’m glad I’m not the only one who cuts things out and then waits to see if they magically sew themselves!

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